Ademetionine  is a chiral molecule. In its endogenous form, it has an “S” SAMeconfiguration at the alpha carbon of the methionine moiety and also the “S” conformation at the sulfonium center.  The chirality of the alpha carbon of the methionine part of the molecule is stable, so, unless otherwise indicated, discussions of chirality, and “S” and “R” isomers are in reference to the sulfonium center.  The sulfonium center chirality is labile and has a thermodynamic tendency to racemize.  As such, Ademetionine preparations exist as enriched chiral mixtures.

Chemically, the drug is: (3S)-5’-[(3-Amino-3-carboxypropyl)methylsulfonio]-5’-deoxyadenosine, disulfate, 4-methylbenzenesulfonate
Other Names: S-adenosylmethionine disulfate-p-toluenesulfonate
The chemical formula (base) is: C15H22N6O5S
The chemical formula (tosylate salt) is: C15H22N6O5S ·C7H8O3S·2 H2SO4
The molecular mass (base) is: 398.44 g/mol
The molecular mass (tosylate salt) is: 766.82 g/mol
CAS #: # 97540-22-2